Tuesday, August 20, 2013

We Got Our Citrus Lane!

So after seeing it advertised over and over, plus all the adorable items I kept seeing didn't help, I decided to sign Ava up for a subscription to Citrus Lane. Since they don't ship new orders out until the 15th of each month we had a small wait however it was worth it!

I stalked the mailbox for 5 days waiting on our package to arrive. Well it is here and we couldn't be more impressed with it! This month was "Back to School" themed so all the smaller kids got educational toys to make them think!

We paid $15 for this months box thanks to me signing up under a fellow friend. They have a referral rewards program that saves the person who signs up under you $10 as well as credits you $10. Here is the breakdown of the items we received.

Rich Frog Little Stacker - Bunny $12.95

Ah Goo Baby Bottle Strap - $10.49

Cleo's Color Book - $6.29

Clean Well Wipes - 4.99

FabKids.com Coupon - $39.95 (downfall Ava does not fit in 2T+ clothing yet at 7.5 months old lol)

3 Samples of Weleda Baby - $?

For $15 or even if we would have paid the $25 regular monthly fee I would have to say I'm very impressed with Citrus Lane and we will be ordering another box for next month! Ava had a blast opening the box up and pulling everything out. And of course sticking it all in her mouth!!

If you want to try it out and get $10 off your first month and of course it gives me a $10 credit Click Here and sign up!

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