Thursday, May 30, 2013

Places to Get Cheaper Cloth Diapers

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Facebook has become my cloth diaper shopping best friend. The following are places you can use on Facebook to purchase new and used cloth diapers at an affordable cost.

1. Buy-Sell-Trade Groups (B/S/T)

Cloth Diaper Swap and Sell

Diaper Swapper

Cloth Diaper Trader

2. eBay

Ebay offers both used and new diapers. My recommendation for cheaper brands on eBay are:

~Happy Flute



~Baby Wizard


Just remember when ordering with eBay to check the return policy from the seller. If you have an issue with your diaper you want to make sure it can either be replaced or refunded if the item was not as described.

4. Small Local Businesses (Work at home moms and some are even dads!)

Just Simply Baby

3. Facebook Co-Op Group

This is my absolute favorite source for getting my diapers. Yes it takes about 6 to 10 weeks to get your diapers however the cost is great! They also do toy co-ops, stuff for cleaning, and a ridiculous amount more.

Co-ops work the following way. A host sets up a bulk buy with a manufacturer that will give the group wholesale pricing on diapers. They create a spreadsheet for you to place your order on (usually in Google Drive). The co-op is open for about 3-4 weeks and then it closes and you are invoiced for your order. Most co-ops use WePay for invoices which you are not required to have an account with. After everyone pays the host pays the supplier and the order is packed and sent to the host. Once received the host will repack the order for all they buyers and send it out. Usually you pay shipping to you through PayPal. Most co-ops require that you know someone already in the group in order to join. Here is a list of my favorite co-op groups:

Cloth Diaper Loving Mamas

Mighty Mama Co-op

The Shue In

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