Friday, May 24, 2013

Views on Cloth Diapering (The Stereotype)

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So when people learn that I cloth diaper I'm pretty sure they get the image of the old school prefold diapers my mother would have used when I was a child.

Yes... I had the same image when my mother-in-law mentioned cloth diapering to me while I was pregnant. Originally I thought she was nuts (probably the pregnancy hormones and moodiness from bed rest). But figured I would do a little research for I was raised to look at both sides. My research was the following:

-Walk into Babies R' Us

-See the cost of gDiapers

-Laugh at the amount of money they cost

-Walk out of Babies R' Us

I know. I really didn't put much effort into it. But my husband wasn't much help either with the situation because he really disliked the thought of playing in baby poop. Watching videos on YouTube about cleaning poop off cloth diapers did not help either :-/

Well lets fast forward to about 2 months after having our beautiful baby girl...

Diaper rash! Yeast rash! We constantly had to fight with her booty having rashes with disposable diapers. We were spending nearly $60 a month on diapers because she could only wear Pampers Swaddlers. LUVS gave her a horrible rash, Huggies led to major blow-outs (the couch, myself, and even our poor dog), and off brands lead to more diaper rash. My baby girl had a miserable looking booty. After her pediatrician prescribed a compound diaper rash cream ($65 for a 120 treatment supply) I refused to keep spending money on disposable diapers. Once again the words of my mother-in-law came into play "cloth diapers," and the research began.

At first my husband was not happy about my idea to do cloth diapering. So given he is a number kind of man I had to lay out the cost effectiveness of the diapers. Of course I had no idea that there were cheaper cloth diapers out on the market because I only knew about what was massively advertised in the baby marketing world.


-Charlie Banana



And the list goes on. After purchasing a 6-pack of Charlie Banana diapers for $109 at Target I knew I needed a bigger stash as well as finding a cheaper way to purchase diapers so that I wouldn't give my husband a heart attack with my new cloth diaper adventure.

So with that all said it took about another month but I found a cheaper way to get cloth diapers. Some have been amazing and some have been horrible. Because we all know the saying "you get what you pay for." Well this is not always the case but I am hoping to help parents new to cloth diapering and how to do it on a budget.

So please feel free to check out my blog as I update mine and Ava's adventures with her cloth diapering as well as other cost saving ideas, cloth diaper prep, and many other mommy ideas I have come across with my family living on one income.

Baby Ava in her Sunbaby Diaper

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